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Who will treat you?
 - Dr. Kamburov, a Medical Doctor (MD) specialized in Alternative Medicine with integrative approach to patient's treatment.
Dr. Kamburov is a diplomate of oriental medicine (DOM) and a licensed acupuncture physician (AP)

Pain Relief - Depression - Anxiety - Detox - Fertility

Dr. Mariana Kamburov specializes in:
  -  fertility/ support to IVF and IUI
  -  pain relief/ fibromyalgia/ sciatica
  -  nerve pain/ migraine/ headache
  -  mood swings/ depression/ anxiety
  -  digestive problems/ colon irrigation/ detox
  -  chemo and radiation side effects relief
  -  autoimmune diseases support
  -  sensitivity and movement problems
  -  skin conditions/ skin care

What are our treatment methods
  -  acupuncture and electro-acupuncture
  -  naturopathy, herbs and
  -  acu-point injection therapy

  -  manual therapy/ tui na/ medical massage
  -  far-infrared therapy/ gua sha/ cupping/ moxibustion
  -  colonic (colon irrigation) / food therapy

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Insurance coverage
We are registered provider for most health insurers and we support medical insurance.

Enclosed below are links to some of the major health insurers in Florida. Members can login on their insurer's website for further information about acupuncture coverage and discount programs.
Herbal and homeopathic suppliments are essential part of our therapy.

Cigna    BlueCross BlueShield FL    Humana    UHC    Aetna    AvMed   
        What to ask the insurance company            
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