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Oveweight / Weight Gain / Obesity / Weight Management

Food Therapy for Weight Management or for Disease Protection and Longevity

 • Are you ready to stop measuring your portions, counting calories, reading labels?
 • Are you tired of searching for weight-loss tricks?
 • Have you realized that all the diet plans work like insult to your body and your intelligence?
 • What if you can reduce your food cravings, food addiction, and overeating behavior?
 • What if you can protect your body from diseases and live a long active and fulfilling life?
 • What if you pay attention to your symptoms?
    - Tired, no passion, no desire, irritable, restless sleep, low libido, allergy, aches and pains, no appetite, hungry all       the time, constipation/diarrhea, cannot concentrate, sweating, out of shape, dry skin, hair loss…
 • What if you check your medications and supplements? Why do you take them? How many herbal supplements and    vitamins have you prescribed to yourself?
    - Do you know that Potassium and Vitamin B12, for example, are very strong medicines and too little or too much       can cause serious health problems?

If you are still on this page you are ready to call me:

      (352) 378-8002, Dr. Mariana Kamburov

 • Let me know that you are ready to focus on your health instead on your weight.
 • Adopt a resolution to be healthy and it will result in a long term weight loss, a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
    and lifestyle.
 • Tell me all your concerns – physical and emotional.
 • Take my guidance to health and longevity.

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