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B.H., Ocala, 11/2/2015
"Excellent professional service" - Knowledgeable doctor, willing to answer all your health related questions. (doctor.com)

Marcus R., Gainesville, 10/30/2015
"Mariana really cares. She is not doing this for money" - Was skeptical originally. This is my second visit and I am extemely satisfied. I will be back. (doctor.com)

SUSAN K., Davie, FL, 6/9/2015
Dr. Mariana Kamburov is one of those exceptional people that change your life. Not only does she have extensive knowledge about western and eastern medicine, she has those qualities let you know she takes your care very personally. I think of Dr. Mariana as a combination of medical provider, sister, life coach, and friend. She looks at the big picture in her approach to your health and happiness. Approximately 10 years ago, my husband was introduced to Dr. Mariana due to back pain. I will never forget what he told me she said. “Trust my hands.” She has relieved many exacerbations of his back pain over the years so he has been able to enjoy an active lifestyle to include basketball and skiing at the age of 56. I started seeking treatment with Dr. Mariana about 8 years ago. At 51, I am getting wrinkles but also have some acne issues. ( Aren’t the zits supposed to go away when the wrinkles come?) Her regiment has helped minimize the wrinkles and breakouts. My husband and I are not the type to recommend medical providers to others, as it is such a personal choice. With Dr. Mariana we have helped so many of our friends and family by referring them to her. She has helped them with Shingles, Back Pain, and Flexibility issues due to Parkinson’s Disease. My sister who was in a catastrophic car accident 5 years ago, has significant brain damage to the frontal lope and other areas. In the last year or so, she received massage therapy and acupuncture to help stimulate the neurons. I saw improvement in my sister and saw the joy in her face and voice when she had appointments with Dr. Mariana. Again, Dr. Mariana is one of those exceptional people that change your life. I wish her well in Gainesville. (Go Gators!) RICHARD M., Plantation, FL, 6/3/2015
After I suffered a stroke I started to be treated by Dr. Kamburov. When treatments started my right side had severe paralysis from head to toe. I was unable to drive, to stand up without assistance. My right arm / hand could not be used for simple tasks like holding a cup or writing. Dr. Kamburov treated me every Saturday morning with Acupuncture, deep muscle massage, herbal remedies. She was able to improve significantly my physical condition and help me cope emotionally with the effects of the stroke. She was not only my doctor but I looked to her as a life coach. With continued treatments I am hopeful of further improvements to my current condition.

DEANA H. Pompano Beach, FL, 5/29/2015
I have known Dr. Kamburov for several years and have been always impressed with her skills and professionalism. Dr. Kamburov’s incredible level of professionalism, knowledge, respect and willingness to go the extra mile to help her patients successfully helped me to return to my occupation as an assistant attorney and to be fully able to successfully cope with the daily mental health challenges. I feel very comfortable with her approach and techniques. Dr. Kamburov is the best at what she does, and the services she provides are instrumental in maximizing performance. I highly recommend Dr. Kamburov as one of the leading acupuncture specialists in the industry as well as alternative medicine treatments such as homeopathy, massages and detox which are an integral part of people’s lives.

VIVIANA and family, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 5/22/2015
Dear Dr. Mariana Kamburov, This is a simple note, but it represents a great appreciation for your professional skills and your wonderful personal kindness. We have been very fortunate to find such a knowledgeable physician and a great person in one. Thank you very much!!

NADIA M., Sunny Island, FL, 3/4/2015
When I went to visit Dr. Kamburov two years ago, I had severe hormonal imbalance, headaches, disturbed sleep, depression. After receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments for several weeks the effect was unbelievable. I felt myself again, energetic and with ability to perform at my best. Dr. Kamburov is also a great person. She is extremely knowledgeable about eastern medicine and will take the time to speak to her patients concerning the various procedures she performs. She welcomes any question from patients and explains what she is doing as she is actually treating the patient. She keeps detailed notes on each patient, follows their progression and see what procedures work best for a particular patient and his or her problem. Thank you so much Dr. Kamburov for these amazing, positive changes in my health! IVO Z. North Miami Beach, FL, 2/19/2015
My experience with Dr. Kamburov has been wonderful. I have had chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as arm numbness for 10 years. I have seen lots of medical doctors, and got many massages for my muscle pain. Nothing made a lasting change except my acupuncture and herbal treatment with Dr. Kamburov. After the first visit my pain was significantly less and after only 3 visits my pain was gone. Thank you Dr. Kamburov!

TANIA V., Ft. Lauderdale, 1/14/2014
It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Kamburov. I have been her patient since 2009 and have been impressed with her knowledge and skills as an acupuncturist and a specialist in the area of the alternative medicine. She has opened my eyes to a field that many medical doctors tend to ignore or dismiss altogether. Dr. Kamburov has always been available when I called and her treatment results are impressive. I have seen unbelievable improvements in my chronic spinal conditions and stress in general. I would highly recommend Dr. Kamburov as a leader in her field.

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