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G.M., High Springs, FL, 6/8/2016
Excellent services! It was super easy to schedule and the visit has completely improved my shoulder pain.

C.D., Gainesville, FL, 6/2/2016
Excellent service! The doctor was very generous with her time and trully interested in improving my health and well-being.

D.R., Gainesville, FL, 5/19/2016
Dr. Mariana is such is such a beatiful person and a true healer. Very relaxing and effective.

John C., Gainesville, FL, 4/30/2016
Dr. Kamburov, Thanks for your help with my health mess. Best wishes!

B.R., Gainesville, FL, 4/7/2016
Great experience!

MILIANA S., Orlando, FL, 2/19/2016
"Amazing First Time Colonic Experience" - Very comfortable experience. I felt at ease with this being my first colonic. Dr Mariana explained everything to me in detail and asked prior questions to further investigate my medical history as well as concerns. I felt a great rapport with her and she made the experience very personable. I felt so much better after my treatment and I look forward to the health benefits from my colonic. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in natural and holistic medicine. (doctor.com)

SWIKAR P., Gainesville, 2/19/2016
"Excellent Colonic Experience" - Very comfortable and inviting experience all around. I had a very relaxing time during my colonic experience and got the wonderful one on one attention of Dr.Kamburov throughout the treatment. I will absolutely be recommending my family and friend to her!! (doctor.com)

S.M., Gainesville, 2/10/2016
"Dr. Kamburov cares" - Dr. Kamburov has been helping me to regulate my diabetes and metablism. Lately she made my righ knee pain to go away with acupuncture and infrared. Always makes me feel good and comfortable to ask any questions. (doctor.com)

FEI D., Gainesville, 12/14/2015
"My shoulder pain healed after two visits" - The doctor was very patient and located the spots accurately. During the two sessions of a package I purchased from groupon, she did herbal injection, acupuncture and massage (both by hands and by an electronic device) on my right shoulder where the paint was in the joint. The pain went away right after the firs treatment but since I did not go to my yoga class regularly during the finals the paint kind of coming back. I feel so much better after the second time. The doctor is very experienced and willing to explain herbal knowledge. I enjoy the sessions. (doctor.com)

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