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Personal Data

If you use some of the services offered on this website, your may need to provide insurance information, contact details and e-mail address. This data will be used to ensure communication between you and NaturalHealth Choice and for providing a proper health care service.

Your personal data will be stored on the computer of NaturalHealth Choice where they are protected and will be used only by employees of NaturalHealth Choice.

Forwarding of Data to Third Parties

Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties without your express authorization or unless legally mandated.

Data Deletion

Your personal data will be deleted when the purpose for which they are stored is redundant and the deletion does not violate any legally mandated storage period.

Right to Information about Stored Data

You have the right to information regarding your stored personal data. Information about your personal data and other related matter you may obtain at (954) 439-8729.


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