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Homeopathic remedies are an adjunctive therapy in our practice.  We prescribe them as point-injections or in tablet forms.

Homeopathy: - "Let likes be cured with likes" (similis similibus curentur).

In the 4th century B.C., Hippocrates wrote: "Through the like, disease is produced, and through the application of the like, it is cured".

In the 1800s, Hahnemann described his discoveries that any substance that can cause symptoms when given to healthy people, can help to heal those who are experiencing similar symptoms. Hahnemann learned that symptoms represent the body's best effort to heal itself.

Homotoxicology was developed by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. and has been used in combinations of homeopathic ingredients and remedies to treat specific problems. Homeopathic combination remedies are primarily designed to facilitate the body's elimination of toxic substances by stimulating the body's own defensive capabilities.

According to Homotoxicology, diseases are biological processes. The body is combating poisons and wants to neutralize and excrete these poisons.

In homotoxicology, diseases are considered to be caused by toxins, including substances from environmental sources and internal by-products. Disease symptoms are considered the result of the body's attempt to heal and should not necessarily be suppressed.

Homeopathic supplements are designed to work with the body's defense mechanisms and facilitate elimination of toxic substances. Anti-homotoxic medicines come in many forms: tablets, drops, sprays and injectables.

The homeopathic products can be administered orally or by point-injection (biopuncture)

Acu-point injection (biopuncture, mesotherapy) is injecting of homeopathic products into specific trigger points of the body and it is an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products and cortisone.

The point-injection is less painful than the regular injections because it utilizes fine needles and small injected quantity of homeopathic product.

We feature products from Heel (Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH), one of the largest homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. For more than 60 years, Heel has offered safe, effective and comprehensive homeotherapy to the world. Heel conducts continuous clinical research and scientific investigations to determine product efficacy and safety.

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