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Health disorders that can be treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Enclosed below is a non-exclusive List of Health Disorders that can be treated by TCM in our office. The list is coordinated with Acupuncture Reports and Studies issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Traditional Chinese Medicine vs Western (Conventional) Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology, used to describe diagnoses and pattern differentiations, does not have the same meaning as the Western Medicine terminology. For example," Liver Yang Rising" in TCM does not mean that the liver organ is diseased and does not give you a permanent diagnosis such as Hypertension, Diabetes or Arthritis.

TCM deals mostly with the symptoms as a diagnosis and builds the pattern on what causes these symptoms and how to treat both the symptoms and the cause. Here is an example for TCM diagnosis: Dizziness - TCM pattern differentiation  can be: "Liver Yang Rising"; "Qi and Blood Deficiency"; "Kidney Essence Deficiency"; "Phlegm-Damp Accumulation". Each pattern determines different treatment approach, tailored to that particular person.

The correct pattern differentiation in TCM determines the treatment and the outcome the same way as the correct diagnosis in Western Medicine. In Western Medicine, the TCM diagnosis "Dizziness" is a symptom not a diagnosis. Western Medicine diagnosis can be: Hypertension; Hypotension; Hypoglycemia; Labyrinthitis; Meniere's disease; Head injury.

Despite of the different approaches and tools utilized by TCM and Western Medicine, both treat the same object - the human body and have the same goal - helping people to improve their health. In order to achieve this goal, a good acupuncture physician must have substantial knowledge and experience in the Western Medicine in addition to his/her TCM training.

Both TCM and Western Medicine have their strengths and weaknesses. Working together and applying the most suitable treatment for the patient is the best approach, we believe, and should be implemented in the future integrated health care.

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