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Make your food a medicine!

In our practice, according to the TCM treatment principles, food therapy is the first step in maintaining optimal health. During the course of treatment we can guide you in organizing your food and supplement routine in order to restore your health.

Here are some examples:
Ginger helps to relieve nausea. Chicken soup helps to relieve symptoms of cold.
Whenever possible, use your food as a first choice in restoring your health.

All vitamins and minerals, all different kind of teas, diets, OTC supplements and remedies can be regarded as medicine. They all are good if one needs them and takes them according to the individual needs. But they can be harmful if taken in wrong dose or in conditions when particular supplement can do more harm then benefit.

With the advance of the information technology we tend to diagnose and treat ourselves by reading advertisements. A salesman's job is to sell the supplement, but you are the one to judge how well you know your body's metabolism, health and needs.

One person's medicine can be another's poison. Many people take anything that their coworker, friend or salesman will recommend and spend a lot of money on supplements and diets before consulting with a knowledgeable health practitioner.

A lot of supplements can accumulate in the body and interact with the prescription medicines. The word "natural" seems to make some people think "it is natural, it is safe, it is good for you". "Natural" is a broad term, everything can be labeled as natural because it is made out of the natural basic elements. Every supplement works and is good for some people, but not for all people. Everybody is unique and has a dynamic body metabolism, different genetic material and different lifestyle with different stress coping abilities.

"My recommendation is: Make a choice how to maintain your health after consulting your health practitioner, who has credentials and knowledge to advice you about your particular health concerns and goals."
-- Dr. Mariana Kamburov

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